Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cold and Blustery..

Well, after 98 degree weather over the weekend, today was cold and rainy.. and only 61..
I have to admit, I much prefer this weather. I am not ready for the hot summer days.
There is a wonderful math teacher at my son's high school and he is retiring this year. I searched through all my stash and came up with several things I thought would look good on a card.. I had a clock charm SOMEWHERE!! Oh, well, this will have to do.. I love the vintage feel to it and of course had to ink and stitch it just a little.. Wasn't sure about the flowers, but they just "felt" right..

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Final Countdown..

There are only 9 days of school left and believe me I hear it everyday!! I think the teachers are as anxious as the kids for summer to start.. they are also taking all their days off so I have been so very busy subbing. I love it, but it doesn't leave much time for me to do much crafting..
I made this little baby card for one of my daughter's co workers who had his fifth boy!! Used some K and Company bear paper ( I just loved that and bought a whole pack of it when it came out years ago,, I am still using it!!) some foofala and some chipboard extras..