Monday, July 30, 2007

Finally Cooling Off!

We finally got a little cooler.. only 90 today.. and yes, it does seem cooler even though that is still pretty warm.. My sweet husband made me a door hanger for my punches. I LOVE it.. I painted it a pretty sage green since that is the color my room will be, eventually. When he gets home tonight he will put it on the door and I will post a pic. Today I finished getting all my ribbons put on spools and into the candy jars . They look better than the canning jars I had them in.. I tell ya, I have too much ribbon!! Can a person have too much of that??
The only paper crafting I have done so far today, is to finish my two recipes, but I just love them.. The paper for the corn casserole is so cheery! Reminds me of Mary Engelbreit, whose work I just enjoy so much. The papers for the Toffee Bars is a little retro and fun too!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

It was a hot, hot day in July..

that is how that song by Raffi starts out.. you know,, Five green and speckled frogs"! Too much nostalgia around here this week with three of my "babies" having birthdays... In addition to William turning 16, Sarah is now 19 and Emily will be 23 tomorrow.. Where did all those wonderful years go?
So, it was HOT today.. and has been for weeks.. I swear we haven't been below 100 for a high in ages.. 103 today.. Thank goodness for central air conditioning.. I am SO not a summer person.. Never have been. I think Spring would be my favorite season, if I didn't know that summer would be right after it, so I suppose winter is the season for me.. Love the snow falling and being inside and playing with my paper and scissors.. ahh.. I can dream, can't I? School starts in two and half weeks for my little guy and then I will be able to see fall and winter not too far away..
Even though it was hot today I baked bread..Red River Cereal Bread. Dinner tonight will be farm fresh corn on the cob, fresh vine tomatoes and beets I pickled yesterday. Of course, fresh bread too! Easy, but yummy!
I am in a recipe swap and am three recipes behind, so I did get busy today and make one of them.. Cheese Straws are nice and easy to make and go well with a glass of wine! I just used up some scraps of Daisy D's paper and stitched a little on them. Then put a little ribbon on the bottom..
I will be alone tonight and plan to spend all the time trying to organize my little room some more.. I saw this amazing scrapping room: and want to get to Home Depot tomorrow to get the shelving to make a start on my own little space. We are going to start with the closet. Probably won't do everything identical, but there are some wonderful ideas here! That is it for me today! Off to organize and play with my papers!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Special day tomorrow....

Tomorrow my oldest boy will be 16..I have been sitting here tonight making his birthday card and just thinking back over the past years.. He has been a blessing from the day he was born...always sweet, always gentle and always kind.. He has turned into a fine young man that I am so proud to call "son". I want to post my very favorite picture of him. It was taken when he was just four years old.. to me he looks wise beyond his years in this photo.. Will post his card tomorrow.. after he has seen it!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some Patriotic Cards from me!

A Little Red, White and Blue!!

I am home again and phew!! it feels good. There is nothing like a relaxing and fun vacation, but it is always good to come home to your own bed and home..
The first card uses a panel from The Vintage Workshop. I stitched it onto some of my favorite Creative Imaginations, Fresh Anthology paper and then added some ribbons, buttons and rick rack.

To make the second card I used a coffee filter and more of the Fresh Anthology paper in red, some rick rack and then stitching! I have two filters together and a little tag that pulls out from between them..

Friday, July 20, 2007

I've been Tagged!

I just been tagged for the first time.. hmm.. seven facts about me.

1. I have four furbabies that I adore..Molly, Tucker, Puck and Toby.. two golden retrievers, a mini pin and a long haired dachshound. (Oh, and two kitties!)
2. One of my friends who I consider a "best" I met online a year ago.. Feel like I have known her forever.
3. I was born in England and lived there until the age of ten.
4. If I my husband and I were twenty years younger and didn't have family where we live now, I would love to move to the Oregon Coast.
5. I am deathly afraid of snakes..
6. I have a real thing about clean hands and keeping them washed.
7. I have terribly ugly feet!

Thanks, Debby for nominating me for "Rockin' Blogger Girl"!!

Last Day in Nova Scotia

We are determined to get lots of creating done today and I am on a roll so far.. I just love how this little boat card turned out and wanted to share it..The paper that looks like newsprint is actually a piece of waxy paper that was holding our breakfast at the restaurant yesterday!! I saw that and my mind said "card material"!! We asked the waitress if we could have a sheet and she gave us a ton.. I am seeing some recipe cards made with this in the near future!

The Christmas card I made to use the minnie mouse I cut out for another purpose that didn't work out.. and the Thank you card is my idea of a simple card. I want to submit some cards but think that simple is the way to go there.. doesn't really look finished to me but what the heck.. will give it a try!
Just finished making bread under Debbie's watchful eyes.. Can't wait to get home tomorrow and try making this Red River Cereal bread for my family.. Have a super day all..

Thursday, July 19, 2007

It was a foggy, foggy day...

but a beautiful day on the ocean, nonetheless. The first photo is taken in Nova Scotia along Shelburne's historic waterfront. The hanging baskets are just luscious and full. This street is full of historic buildings that were used in the filming of "The Scarlett Letter" The second photo is of the lighthouse on McNutt's Island. While is was foggy, it was kind of neat in that it gave an ethereal appearance to the lighthouse. I almost felt like you could walk right through it or could imagine someone walking out from it. It was an amazing day and we were all exhausted by the end of it.. Lots of that lovely fresh, salty air!! Two more days left here and then home to my family and the dreaded heat!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Row, row, row your..

boat.. today I am having an adventure on a lobster boat..going for a "three hour tour". Only three more days of this lovely little scrapping vacation of mine.. and I have loved every minute of it, but am missing my family just a wee bit. Here is a card I made while here. Used the cricut machine. Just loving these little baby clothes.. makes me want to cuddle a little one..sigh..This Creative Narratives paper is just delish.. love the scalloped edges. and the Tres Jolie papers are just as sweet as can be.
The other card must have come from my thinking about boats!! Also used the cricut to cut the boat out and then stitched it on..Have a lovely day everyone.. I am off to sail away!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh, Baby...

Just love the delicate and fresh colors and textures for baby cards.. Since I am on this lovely little vacation in beautiful Nova Scotia and my host has the amazing Cricut, I decided to try it out.. It is a fun little machine. along with her sewing machine I have such fun! Here is an elephant card using Tres Jolie papers, dollar store rubons and some fun scalloped edge Bazzill. Isn't she cute with her little bows? Then I made the little boy elephant using Making Memories, Fresh Narratives and this sweet little tag I found at the dollar store.. added the little red tongue and that's it!!

I am a Blogger!!

Have been asked by several people about my "blog". What "blog" say I?? "What?", "you don't have a blog?". Now I can reply in the affirmative and say "YES, I have a blog"

With a little help from my friend Debbie,I have "Aged to Perfection:. I love to make cards and alter things, but to me they just aren't complete without some ink around the ages and a little bit of "tatter" and/or ripping or a little "found" object with a bit of stitching.. they need to be "aged to perfection"