Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Missing my paper..

and I needed a card for my dad's birthday. I saw this ghost flower made with the sunflower on this yummy blog Scrapperlicious This lady does uses some gorgeous bright colors and lots of layering and shading.. I think I can learn lots from her! I used all scraps.. the music paper and gingham and brown bazzill.. I did buy the cheap sunflowers from Walmart and got the ghost clocks today. But I do think you could make your own clocks and just copy them onto a transparency. I used StaZon Timber Brown to stamp the dragon fly. The stamp came from my friend, Anna in Japan. Thanks Anna!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Here a chick, there a chick...

Corny!!.. This is all I have to post today..a chicken fabric post card!! ( you can click on it to enlarge)I have been teaching quite a bit this week so haven't had time to play so much. Found this cute chicken fabric at Walmart tonight and wanted to use it..I used some little scraps of warm and natural for the eggies.. Also bought some of the varigated thread. It is soo pretty.. around the edges.. I gotta just keep making them..till I find the best way to do it and am happy with my work..so for now paper is on the back burner.. Since I joined this swap I am feeling just a little bit intimidated by the others. I am thinking they are hard core quilters and I am just not going to measure up!! The thought of sending something to someone that isn't just the best really bothers me..I gotta get over that!! Have a super weekend.. for me and my family, we will be getting the yard all pruned and ready for Winter.. supposed to be a nice mild weekend!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Say say oh playmate..

come out and play with me... that is the song I think of when I see Raggedy Anne and Andy. I finally finished the album I had to make .. 46 pages!! Whew! Now I can play with my fabric some more.. I do have to make a sympathy card also tonight.. This is the postcard I made this afternoon.
Not sure if you can tell that is a heart in the corner.. I still need to play some more.. it gets a little easier with each one..

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fun new hobby!!

Along with teaching a couple days a week, working on scrapbooks for a client, doing all those household things that need to be done and taking care of the four furbabies and two boys I have joined a Fabric Postcard group.. Not only that, I kind of volunteered to set it up.. I think the majority of the work in setting it up is over.. I think it will be AMAZING>. there are 23 ladies from all over the world.. We have committed to a one year time frame and will send out two postcards a month.. Since I just started this new hobby I hope I can keep up with them. some of them sound like awesome quilters.. Here are two more cards I have been practicing on.
One is a Santa that I pieced.. think I need a plainer fabric in the background. The other uses my favorite mary engelbreit fabric.. with pieced cherries on it and felt leaves and stems..

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fairies and Fabric..

My mom loves her garden and I wanted to make a special card for her.. Another fabric postcard..Printed the image and sentiment onto muslin then stitched them down.. I wanted to ink it a little, but resisted the urge. I think all the stitching makes enough contrast to the fabric..hmm.. but I STILL want to ink it.. maybe the next one!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fabric Postcards!!

I have discovered a new addiction! These little works of art are just so fun to do.. and you can incorporate stamping, sewing and inking into them..This is my first one and I just love it.. Playing with the fabric is like playing with paper. I am going to try and make them for Christmas instead of Christmas cards this year. I have some wonderful vintage Santas and Snowmen that I want to use. Here is where you can find a marvelous tutorial on how to make them.. It is really simple..and you don't need too many supplies to make them.. I should have taken a little more time with my stitching and also changed the bobbin to match the thread, but patience never was one of my virtues.. just too impatient to see how it would look.. I think I need to work on the edge sewing as well! But it has been such a nice change to do this.. I started to put my name on the back as I am sending to a friend but then thought I should post this before I do that! I used Ancient page brown ink to stamp with.. I can just see so many possibilities for these!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A sad day for my friend..

I got word the other day that my friend Julie, in Nova Scotia lost her boyfriend (he was so much more than that) to cancer. While it was not unexpected for her, a loss like that must still be so heart wrenching. My thoughts are with her and Debbie and all the family.. I am making sympathy cards and this is one I made today. This poem just touches my heart.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Goblins, Ghoulies and Ghosties..

It is another glorious day here in the Northwest..Sunny, a little breezy and cool! Definitely starting to think about Halloween.. I am in a Halloween themed postcard swap and I needed to make a postcard that would go through the mail.. Well, I do hope this one will! I secured everything REALLY well! I had some leftover osnaburg fabric (a little like linen) and decided to print my image onto it.. Also used a cross stitch font and printed the saying.. for some reason the photo looks like the fabric is wrinkled and dirty and it really isnt!! I added a smidgeon of rick rack and stitched it all around.. soo.. do ya think the mail people will take this? I hope so..
The second card I made I also printed the image and sentiment onto the fabric.. sewed that onto a piece of felt to make it "cushy"! added some mini rick rack and some vintage buttons..It too will be going out in the mail tomorrow..

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another one today!!

Heavens, not sure what got into me today, but I was like a maniac cleaning this morning and then went off and taught this afternoon.. Freshman at my sons high school. Loved them.. They are quite the characters... Anyway, I came home and finished up this card I was working on last night. Used some cheery paper from Daisy D's and red dot paper from MM. The pretty flower is Bazzill and the gingham brad is MM too. Sending this to my sister in Albuquerque (who, does not read my blog!)
Hope it makes her smile.What would we do without our sisters? Wanted to share this recipe. I am making it again tonight.Capellini Pomodoro. We are having it tonight with this yummy bread. No-Knead Bread If you click on this, you will see the video that shows you how to make it.. It is too easy not to try! So Here is my recipe for the Pomordoro.. great for using up your garden tomatoes..

1 lb. thin spaghetti
28 oz can of Whole tomatoes or fresh from the garden tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic, minced
12 basil leaves
Parmesan Cheese
Olive Oil
Black Pepper and Salt

Splash some olive oil into your skillet,, add the garlic and just saute lightly. Add the tomatoes in their juice.. crush up and let simmer for about ten minutes.. Meanwhile, cook the pasta.. Add the basil leaves that you have cut into ribbons to the tomatoes.. After pasta is done, drain and add to sauce..Salt and Pepper to taste.. Put parmesan on top.. Easy and Yummy!!

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Tag, you're it...

I suppose Anne has tagged me! I am posting a Christmas Tag. I used a kraft tag that I covered with Melissa Frances paper, then embossed in gold with a music stamp from All Night Media. Put lots of buttons on the end and added the gold ribbons. There weren't any directions, but after looking at Anne's blog, I think I know what to do!!

4 Places I have worked:
In McDermitt, Nevada on an Indian reservation.. My third and fourth years of teaching.. and it was quite an experience!
In a trailer manufacturing company, my first job and it was hard work!!
St. Mary's, Sacred Heart and St. Nicholas--All Catholic schools! Wonderful experiences!
At HOMe!! I love being a SAHM and love seeing my little house coming to order when I clean and putter around. I do partime sub work as well and like the variety of children I see!

4 Places I have lived
Andover, England- Born there- my mom is English.
California- Only loved that because of Disney!
Idaho- Most of my adult life..
France- As a three and four year old I went to nursery school there!

4 Favorite Foods
Bread-Rustic, old world breads!
Pasta Pomodoro
Maltesers -A delightfully light, crispy, malty, chocolate creation!
My mom's Christmas pudding

4 Places I would rather be
Nova Scotia- visiting my lovely Canadian friends
England- visiting family and friends
Hawaii- watching for whales

Ok, that is it for me.. I will tag Debbie and Selena .

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon..

that is what my house smells like right now.. The boys asked me to bake some cookies and pumpkin seemed the logical choice.. Put lots of yummy fall spices in them.. then a little caramel frosting on the top.. I don't suppose they will last long around here!
I must start doing something different with my cards.. I promise this is the last "printed on felt, dick and jane, schoolish" card. I just wanted to use up the scraps I had and this image I had printed awhile back. Also needed a thank you card for a teacher..I also sewed the tag onto a piece of felt and pinked the edges.. then fixed it onto the card with a black gingham cloth brad from MM.
It is another lovely fall day.. Windy and sunny, but cool. Still haven't turned the furnace on, but we have put the gas fireplace on a time or two. I have my flannel sheets back on the bed though! Definitely soup and stew weather now. Hope you are having a lovely fall day as well!