Monday, September 22, 2008

It has been such a long time..

...since I have had the time or the energy or the inclination to post here. I have received several emails from different people and just wanted to post a note.
We got our two girls settled. One into a new apartment and one into her first apartment. This freed up a room in our house. After much going back and forth it was decided that the boys would each move downstairs into their own rooms and the HUGE upstairs bonus room would become my haven..a place for me to put some of my antiques, my scrapbook stuff and my computer. It is looking great, but so far I have not had time to fully unpack and put everything away. I am still in the process of making it cozy, homey and MINE! I finally got a curtain up and my husband has installed some of my shelving. I am anxiously looking forward to fall and to all the lovely cool weather. Then I will finally be able to start creating again!

On a little bit of a sadder note, my beautiful father who I love with all my heart and soul has not been well. He has been in and out of the hospital the last several months and last week was admitted for congestive heart failure. He is home now but is on oxygen all the time. He has become so frail and I know in my heart that our time with him is limited. There are so many things I want to tell him, but neither of us has ever been the kind of person who shows much emotion. He loves me and I love him and there is no question of that between us but I want so much to tell him how I feel. Another reason for my not taking much time to post here, it seems there are more important things to do right now. So for now, just a "hello" and I hope to be back to blogging soon!