Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Christmas Gift

So much for being back!! My intentions were good to post, but then Thanksgiving and then Christmas happened! However, I am happy to post this little "thing" i made for my mom and dad. I had no idea what I was going to do when I started stitching and wish it looked a little more random but I am happy with it. I took a recent photo of them and printed it onto linen. Then I just took some scraps of felt and some twigs and started stitching. My bird looks a little off kilter, but I could not be bothered to redo it! I want to make another but have it more random. I got the idea to stitch something from this blog.. I so want to make some little journals with all kinds of stitching. I must say that it is so soothing to me to just sit and stitch. My mind wanders and and I seem to forget all my worries.! Try it! Today is a beautiful day out. I even have some of my windows open to let the fresh air in. Will have to close them soon as the natives are starting to complain. I am going outside to take some pictures of some of the little fairies I made and will post one later..