Friday, July 25, 2008

This little light of mine

The whole time I was making this card I kept singing that Sunday School song in my head..
I have enjoyed making some round cards the past few days, but think I prefer the square ones!
Used up some Daisy D scraps and a K and Company sticker and a little red gingham brad. I do believe that red polka dots and red gingham are my all time favorites.. no wait, I love pale blue and yellow too.. Patrick and I made a giant Reeses peanut butter cup today for Williams birthday tomorrow. We found this hilarious site called Pimp that Snack. It is British, and since my mom is English and all my kids have visited quite a few times, many of the treats were familiar to us. Basically you take a snack and make it HUGE.. It is fun just to check it out. The peanut butter cup was easy to make. I will post a pic tomorrow..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Day,,

I finally get to spend some time just "pottering". I love days like today. I am getting caught up on some cleaning jobs, finishing some cards and later today will finish canning those beets!

I love this old BG paper. the frogs are such fun and I am glad I have several sheets of it still. This card was made for a little boy in England. His mommy is dealing with cancer and I thought I would
send him his own card and a lizard beanie baby. (Still have TONS of those things in boxes from the days when we went crazy collecting them!!) The second card is for a friend who loves bears. I was the lucky recipient of some wonderful treasures from her moms old sewing box. Since she lives in England they were that much more special to me as they brought back memories of going through my own grannies sewing box. Thanks, Janet!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beets, Beets, Beets!!

Goodness me, it has been so busy around here the last few days..
It is "party week" at our house every third week in July. We have three birthdays this week.. the 21st Sarah turned 20, William will be 17 on the 26th and my oldest Emily will be 24 on the 28th! When they were little it was really exhausting. We always had three parties and three cakes.
Now, Sarah just takes a homemade cake into work with her. This year I made her a French Vanilla cake with white chocolate buttercream and strawberries. William wants a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake to take in and share with his co workers and so I will be doing that tomorrow and my dear sweet Emily just asked if I will make her pumpkin cookies.
I got a wonderful buy on beets today at the local fruit and veg stand.. 13 lbs for $10. Since we all love them I bought two boxes!! What was I thinking?? I have been boiling beets all day and have 10 quarts pickled so far! They will taste mighty good this winter!!

I did get a couple of cards made. I have been wanting to make a round card for awhile and this is what I came up with. I dont' have a circle cutter, but found a round piece of cardboard and used that as a pattern. I am not totally happy with this, but so wanted to use that daisy sticker from Melissa Frances. It was easy to sew the lace trim around the front and I do like the look of it.. Going to try some more round cards tomorrow, but for now I am off to the shower to try and remove some of this red beet juice from my hands and face!!

Friday, July 18, 2008


That is what it takes to fight the horrible disease of cancer. A friend of a friend was diagnosed with it. She is young and has a four year old son.. I made these cards to send her. In part I used some of the Melissa Frances Thankful line. Also, I discovered this site The Breast Cancer Site I got the the breast cancer tag on the side of my blog from here.. You can put one on your blog and anytime someone clicks it it will take them to their site and you can click to fund a free mammogram.. Easy Peasy!

We continue to enjoy summer and I hope you do too. We took a drive out to the orchards the other day and got lots of fat, sweet cherries and succulent apricots. Peaches will be next and then fresh corn on the cob..Yum, Yum!! Needless to say my freezer is now well stocked with apricot and strawberry freezer jam. I love opening the door and seeing the red and orange containers.. so colorful..

Friday, July 4, 2008

Vintage for me..

I chose the name of my blog , NOT in reference to me, but because I just love things that have been aged. Anything I make I like to use "found" vintage objects on it or papers that look old and shabby. I like shabby chic, but I also like just plain old vintage. This card I made using an old elastic cardboard holder from a long ago dimestore.. Notice the price?? 29 cents..those days are long gone. Also used some old sewing paper and an image from the net. Made for a sewing friend.. Even the rick rack is old. not the new stuff..

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Red, Yellow, Polka dots and sunflowers..

My favorite color combination. I always think "Rhubarb and Custard" when I think of these colors.
Love sunflowers too and I happened upon a yummy candy at Michaels the other day.. Mary Janes. Do you remember eating these when you were little.. Kind of like Bit O Honey with some peanut butter inside!! I was looking at one of the wrappers (red and yellow!!) and knew I had to make a card with it and use my Mary Jane Shoes stamp.. Stamp is from Paperbag Studios. Polka Dot paper from Daisy D's, Big Brad from Queen and Co. and the sunny yellow library pocket is from Bazzill. I stamped on the sunflower with my music stamp. Have a wonderful holiday tomorrow..

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summertime and the Living is Easy...

Dinner tonight was a summer delight! Fresh corn on the cob, garden beets, new potatoes, asparagus and a sweet, sweet watermelon.. No meat!! Just veggies. We all enjoyed it!! The days are definitely lazy..
I still have to get up early each morning to give my little diabetic dog, Puck her shot, but I don't mind it a bit. She is worth it! Other than that, we are having a lovely summer. I have been able to do a little bit of creating. My first Row House for a swap I am in and I had fun with it. Not quite what I usually do, but it was fun. I did the background by squighing (is that a word?) some modge podge on the paper and crinkling tissue paper over that. Let it dry and then put some ancient page inks on top. Had some of the memory glass laying around so I punched a square and put some glass behind it for the window. The image is my aunt when she was a little girl. Did some embossing, some Tulip Fashion paint beads, a little hand made paper that I printed the sentiment on and then some alpha beads. I found the little keys in my stash, I bet I have had them for years! Love those little pearls that come in a strip..
The second card just used up some scraps. Hope you are all having a sweet summer too!! Had to post a pic of my little Puck.. Her name comes from Midsummer's Night Dream!