Friday, September 28, 2007

Friends near and far..

With the computer, faxes and emails, I think old fashioned cards and letters have become even more important. I just love receiving a card in the mail. Something that tells me someone has been thinking of me and has taken the time to write a card or letter, put a stamp on it and put it in a mailbox. I know that these things don't take that much time, but it definitely takes more time to do that than just dash off an email. And while emails make it even easier to keep in touch, it is just nice once in awhile, to have something to hold in our hands that someone who cares about us, has taken the time to send. I was thinking of a friend yesterday and just wanted to take the time to make a card for her.. Rusty Pickle paper is one of my favorites and the Bazzill scalloped edge cardstock. I used the Bow-Easy that a friend gave me.. It makes bows perfectly.. Happy Friday everyone!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My little arch..

I am just a fan of little old fashioned children and this Rusty Pickle paper is just precious. I have been holding onto some scraps of this for awhile just hoping I would be able to use it and ..Voila!
Used a little scrap of twill along the bottom with some tiny precious little buttons. At the top is a metal filigree oval with some copper brads securing it. I stitched a piece of cream felt between the two layers and then pinked the edges. The paper behind the children is a piece of handmade paper that was embossed that I inked over. It will go off in the mail tomorrow! Thanks for looking!

Pretty, Pink Gothic Arch

I am in a Gothic Arch swap in a private group I belong to. This is the arch I received in my mailbox yesterday..from Linda I am just in awe of it!! I love the pink and gray together and the quote so speaks to me.. I am new to arches and am working on my first one now! Hopefully I can post it later today..
It is a crisp fall day here. Rained last night and it is cloudy and windy out now.. The house smells deliciously of a roast cooking.. I also baked some bread this morning. I hear tell that this "No Knead Bread" recipe has been around for at least a few months since it came out in the New York Times.. BUT, it is new to me.. It has to be the easiest bread I have ever made..A rustic bread with a light chewy interior and a crisp crust. Anyone can make this..Trust me!! If you are interested, check out the blog for a tutorial with adorable photos!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Remember S&H stamps??

A good friend was cleaning out drawers and found lots of odds and ends. Among them were some old S&H green stamp books. She sent them to me knowing I love old stuff! I found a wonderful use for one of the pages this morning.. Another good online friend has been very ill. We were in recipe swaps together and share a passion for cooking. I made this card for her using an S&H page, MF vintage stamp and a little felt square I printed on. Added a piece of rick rack and a few buttons. I hope it cheers her up.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Itty, Bitty little card..

This is a little 3 x 3 card I made for a swap I am in. The image is one I got from my friend Anna, quite awhile ago. She is an amazing card maker.. She always inspired me and I can't wait until she is creating cards again.. She has quite a talent using vintage "things". This image was from an old baby book.
I know it looks fuzzy, but that is because I printed it onto felt. It feels all warm and soft, just like a baby! I used Crate Paper's Busy Bee line for the base and one of the little stamps from Michael's for the sentiment. A small white button finished it off along with the stitching and inking.

Monday, September 17, 2007

This stamp is so sweet and sentimental to me..

I made this card quite a few months ago, but have never had it on my blog.. It so reminds me of my oldest daughter when she was about six years old(she is 23 now!) Anyway, I have been so terribly busy lately that ideas are just swirling in my head.. I hope to have some time by the end of the week to create. I kind of like it when this happens because when I finally DO sit down I can just create for days! So.. this stamp is from Paperbag Studios and I wanted to use a paperbag as the base for the card. I stamped the image using navy ink onto some blue ticking paper. Covered a chipboard corner with red paper, printed the word onto a scrap of cardstock and then stitched it all onto a paperbag I had folded and inked it up well. Added the flower and red gingham brad. Voila.. a true "Paperbag" card. I haven't used these stamps for quite some time.. Think I need to get them out.. Thanks for visiting..

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I like ATC's, but I don't know lots about them. I joined a couple of swaps and these are what I did. The first was an "In the Garden" ATC and since I just love little garden gnomes, this seemed appropriated. I printed him onto canvas and used some Daisy D's paper in the background, a Prima leaf and also stamped a flourish. Of course, I had to ink it and stitch on it. I had this cute little frog stamp and used it on the back. The second ATC I made nine of in half an hour!! Literally!! I had totally fogotten about the swap and when I was gently reminded, I whipped through my craft room and came up with this. You had to use a barcode and one main color along with black. My favorite color is yellow and I like this quote.. The silver embossing just sounded good.. Stamped the background with a music stamp using white ink. Thanks!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I am pretty fond of Disney too...

Have been since I was a little girl and I guess I just never outgrew the wonder. It still amazes me when I walk into The Magic Kingdom at WDW that such a place can make me feel so happy. I know many people think it it just total commercialization and maybe, in a sense, it is. However, Disney also has the capacity to take all people ( adults and children) to a special magical place where you just forget everything else and enjoy yourself. That's my take on it!! And yes, I definitely cry at the soppy Disney commercials. Love them!! So, I found a box of vintage Disney stickers that I bought a few years ago. On this particular trip I met up with an online friend for the first time. Both she and her husband were the first time. Both she and her husband were delightful people and we both bought a box of these stickers. Using this Dumbo one reminded me of the wonderful time I and my son and mom had with them (are you out there, Paula?) This quote is also a quote from Walt Disney.. Could there be anything more appropriate.
Hmm.... I think I am getting the urge to plan a trip... Have a Magical Day!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I LOVE to read....

in fact, I need to have at least three books on my nightstand ready and waiting.!I just finished a wonderful book by Anita Shreve, Fortune Rocks. Tonight I am starting a new book by Anne Rivers Siddons. Outer Banks. I am extremely lucky that my children love to read also and we all enjoy trips to the library. I just can't imagine not enjoying it.. Since I was born in England and began school there at the age of four, I learned to read at an early age. ( I remember my first books were the Noddy series ( I still have them) and Enid Blyton books. so....what does this have to do with my blog?? I am in a bookmark swap and want to post the bookmark that I made. The Dick and Jane primer illustrations are wonderful and so I chose one to print onto felt. I also used Rusty Pickle school paper, black rick rack and some alphabet twill and the top twill is more like a tape.. Found an old red metal button and sewed it onto the top..I so wanted to add more "stuff" to it, but knew it wouldn't work so well as a bookmark if I did!! All this is stitched onto a kraft tag. So what books have you read lately? I am always looking for some new titles..

Monday, September 3, 2007

Two Posts in One day!!

I totally forgot!! I wanted to show you the neat little Christmas Countdown Clipboard I made. I used a dollar clipboard from Walmart , some scraps of christmas paper, felt and some washers and magnets!! Voila!! a countdown calender for the school auction! Now I am off to pick a huge bunch of glorious basil from my garden. That along with the fresh garden tomatoes will make a wonderful pasta salad for lunch today.

Happy Labor Day!

I really should be "laboring" at my house.. It needs a good cleaning, but I decided to wait until tomorrow when everyone is gone.. So much easier to clean when there is no one here!!
Haven't gotten much paper crafting done lately, just been making more little booties.. I love them. There is something about holding that finished pair in your hands. Just so sweet.. I have added burb cloths to make a cute ensemble. This little pink and white pair, I decided to line with flannel.. Found some vintage looking pink and green flower flannel at Joannes. The blue pair I lined with yellow and blue dot flannel, then found some adorable pooh flannel. I have at least ten pairs cut out!! Ok, enough of booties..