Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kindness..and Gratitude

When I think of my children and what I want them to be and how I want them to live, "happy" is what I think and what all parents want for their children. However, more often than not the word that first comes to my mind is "kind". Of all the words I use to describe my four children, Kind is at the top of the list.. I feel so thankful and grateful that I can say without hesitation that each and every one of my children is kind to not just family and friends but to people they meet. This card I made using a piece of velum with clocks on it and behind it was a scrap of MME.. (My all time favorite papers!) USed the metal embellishment I found at the dollar store and a scrap of ribbon..


mnhyrkas said...

Elaine, thanks for the extra wallet sized postcard with the what cancer cannot do poem on it. I'll send that to my friend- I'm sure it'll give her a lift when she sees it. You're so kind. thanks again- Adelle

DEBBY said...

beautiful card!