Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy, Happy Day

I am feeling pretty happy these days. The weather is just perfect. It is cool out, not too hot yet, the trees all have their leaves, my roses have tons of blooms and we are slowly getting into the "summer" mode of life. William is doing his senior year internship, so he still has to get up early each day, and be at work at 8. Patrick does his sleeping in and while he is doing that I bustle about and get my little housekeeping chores done. By afternoon I am free to do as I please.. Bake, create, or read.. or putter in my garden. Lovely!
Here is one of my creations. Made for a friend who I am so thankful for. I also made her a DVD of our last trip to Disney.. sigh.. I want to go again.. soon!! I just love that place.. but only in the off season.. It just makes me happy to be there. Patrick and I have a giant plastic pepsi bottle that we are slowly filling up with all our extra change and any odd dollars that I find in the laundry (I think whoever does the laundry is entitled to whatever they find there!!). We are planning a trip for early December and I must say that the anticipation is half the fun..
Anyway, this card I made using my new threading water punch, MF papers, flowers, and ginormous rick rack.


Aud said...

Hi Elaine, so nice to read about your happy feeling! Love your cards - they are all wonderful!♥

Isn't that border punch great!?! I ordered one yesterday from the US, can't wait to get it! ;o)

Have a happy and nice weekend! {hugs}

Priscilla said...

Isnt it great when the time in the day comes and you think what can I do thats fun! I get the chores out of the way too, if not I can hear them callin me! ha,ha Disney land....... one place I hope to vist, a dvd of holidays are great arnt they? We did one when we go to luxor egypt, it is odd lookig back at them though, but it always seems like yesterday......

Enjoy your weekend
Priscilla x

jan said...

Everything is peaceful for you now Elaine, you deserve it too. What a beautiful card you have made - again - I just love your cards, looking at them I sometimes get ideas for my sewing you know. Keep up the good work. lol j :-)