Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sweet little bundle of fluff!

I had a call yesterday from my daughter's girlfriend. She runs an absolutely wonderful place.
Simply Cats They were in a crisis. They had a set of four little kittens who were about three weeks old and their mama had been run over by a car. They also had a sweet little baby who is 2 weeks old. She had been brought to someones doorstep by a dog! Brenda asked if I could possibly foster them for a few weeks.. Against my better judgement and William's dire warnings, I said yes. We left with five babies, two large containers of Kitten milk replacer, lots of little blankies and five miniscule bottles.
All was great for about two hours. The little siamese baby had been abandoned since just about birth and had been with a foster mom but the mom could no longer keep her, she was able to suck by herself. We fed her and put her right back in her little basket and she drifted off to sleep. Then pandemonium struck! The other four woke up and started mewing. LOULDLY! They have no idea how to suck a bottle and were so frustrated as their little tummies were hungry and they could smell the milk but weren't quite sure how to suck it.. Sarah, William, Patrick and I each had a kitty and tried to feed as best we could. Two hours later they were all back in their little bed curled up, but I was one frazzled mom! I called Brenda and told her I didn't think i could do it! She was great and had found another foster for them. Whew!! Thank Goodness! I could not have gone through that again. It was so frustrating to see them crying and hungry.
So now we just have Maisie (that is what we named her) she is precious and sleeps and eats well. Tucker my HUGE golden retriever has adopted her. He licks her after she has eaten and washes her just like her mama would. We will keep her for a few weeks. She is eating every three hours like a real baby( yes, I got up at 3 am to feed her!) and there is no shortage of willing arms to cuddle and hold her. Our biggest problem will be to not get attached. That shouldn't be too hard though. We already have our four dogs and two cats (who have not shown the slightest bit of interest in her). So here is a picture of our little Maisie and one of Tucker too.


jan said...

Oh my goodness Elaine, what a laugh and performance, I don't blame you for passing them to someone else, Phew, what a nightmare for you. Little Maisie is so cute.
I think it was a bit of a mistake to name her though.
You should have just referred to her as 'it'
you will become attached now you have named her.
I know you will.
You old softy.

scrappinpeg said...

Oh my! I'm not so sure I could of taken on that responsibility either. And we have 3 inside kitties! LOL.... Least you tried and gave it a big go! Enjoy Maisie....

Debbie G said...

OMGosh Elaine. I can see why you got so attached to the kitten and how hard it was to give back. It is so cute but that was a big undertaking and responsibility to care for such a little thing.

Lisa Renéa said...

How ADORABLE!!!! Bless you for being so kind hearted!

Priscilla said...

AAAAwwww how sweet! I love the photo of your dog and the little kitty, I am so pleased he is acting like the mummy, it sounds like you had rather a lot on your hands! I really want a cat again maybe a kitten, have done for a while now, but I rent a house that dosnt allow it, maybe in the future....... your pic just makes me say aaawww!

Priscilla x