Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Day,,

I finally get to spend some time just "pottering". I love days like today. I am getting caught up on some cleaning jobs, finishing some cards and later today will finish canning those beets!

I love this old BG paper. the frogs are such fun and I am glad I have several sheets of it still. This card was made for a little boy in England. His mommy is dealing with cancer and I thought I would
send him his own card and a lizard beanie baby. (Still have TONS of those things in boxes from the days when we went crazy collecting them!!) The second card is for a friend who loves bears. I was the lucky recipient of some wonderful treasures from her moms old sewing box. Since she lives in England they were that much more special to me as they brought back memories of going through my own grannies sewing box. Thanks, Janet!!


Anne said...

Cor Elaine!!! I have missed sooo much! These are just absolutely adorable - amd going to try my very best to get round more often! I have an award for you on my blog - it's sooo gorgeous! ((((HUGS))) xx

jan said...

Elaine, once again your kindness comes shining through in your cards, this will be one very happy little boy when he receives his card. Although he is only 4 he understands what has happened to his mummy, she sat with him and explained it so he would understand, this is one little chap who will grow up very fast I feel. It is very kind of you to make a card especially for him, and a gift too, he will be overwhelmed.

Micki said...

I love all of your cards, and you are so kind to make them for other people. I really enjoyed your site.