Friday, July 25, 2008

This little light of mine

The whole time I was making this card I kept singing that Sunday School song in my head..
I have enjoyed making some round cards the past few days, but think I prefer the square ones!
Used up some Daisy D scraps and a K and Company sticker and a little red gingham brad. I do believe that red polka dots and red gingham are my all time favorites.. no wait, I love pale blue and yellow too.. Patrick and I made a giant Reeses peanut butter cup today for Williams birthday tomorrow. We found this hilarious site called Pimp that Snack. It is British, and since my mom is English and all my kids have visited quite a few times, many of the treats were familiar to us. Basically you take a snack and make it HUGE.. It is fun just to check it out. The peanut butter cup was easy to make. I will post a pic tomorrow..


Ali Honey said...

Your cards are quite delightful.

Lisa Renéa said...

What a fab card! Love the trim! Oh, I can't wait to see your giant Reese's Cup! :)

cindy said...

sigh! You had me at red gingham. LOL. LOVE this. So tickled i found your blog (through the adorable Lisa Renae). Got ya bookmarked.


Priscilla said...

Love the red polka dots too Elaine! Great card, I just checked out Pimped Snaks, what fun! Huge chocolate buttons! Ill have to try those, ha,ha

Priscilla x