Thursday, June 26, 2008

Agnes Brown is The Mammy!

If you haven't read these books yet, go straight to your local library or book shop and get them!!
I first read them several years ago on a flight to England. Well, I actually read the first one :

The Mammy on my first flight from Boise to Denver. I actually snorted and laughed so much reading it that I know the man sitting beside me thought I was bonkers! I got to Denver and headed straight to a book store and was able to find the second book The Chisellers. Got to England and found the third one to read on my way home.. The Granny. They really are very thin books and can be read in a few hours.. But if you don't want to embarrass yourself with snorting, laughing in public then read them in solitude, because you WILL laugh!! They are written by Brendan O'Carroll and tell of an Irish woman (Agnes Browne)and her children. There is also a movie out that is based on the first book(Anjelica Huston plays Agnes Browne and has a very convincing Irish accent!) My best friend and I watch it together whenever she comes to visit. It tells a tale of true friendship, love of children and perseverance. We have watched the movie together at least five times and I have read the books more than once.

My best friend was here for a visit for a week and has left to go home today. I miss her already and made this little card to send her. We have such a good laugh when she is here. My kids adore her too and Patrick was quite disappointed when he got home today and she was gone!

I used some My Minds Eye, a wooden tag, Daisy D's some felt trim, thickers from American Crafts and primas from my stash. A few buttons and inking and sewing and it was finished!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sweet little bundle of fluff!

I had a call yesterday from my daughter's girlfriend. She runs an absolutely wonderful place.
Simply Cats They were in a crisis. They had a set of four little kittens who were about three weeks old and their mama had been run over by a car. They also had a sweet little baby who is 2 weeks old. She had been brought to someones doorstep by a dog! Brenda asked if I could possibly foster them for a few weeks.. Against my better judgement and William's dire warnings, I said yes. We left with five babies, two large containers of Kitten milk replacer, lots of little blankies and five miniscule bottles.
All was great for about two hours. The little siamese baby had been abandoned since just about birth and had been with a foster mom but the mom could no longer keep her, she was able to suck by herself. We fed her and put her right back in her little basket and she drifted off to sleep. Then pandemonium struck! The other four woke up and started mewing. LOULDLY! They have no idea how to suck a bottle and were so frustrated as their little tummies were hungry and they could smell the milk but weren't quite sure how to suck it.. Sarah, William, Patrick and I each had a kitty and tried to feed as best we could. Two hours later they were all back in their little bed curled up, but I was one frazzled mom! I called Brenda and told her I didn't think i could do it! She was great and had found another foster for them. Whew!! Thank Goodness! I could not have gone through that again. It was so frustrating to see them crying and hungry.
So now we just have Maisie (that is what we named her) she is precious and sleeps and eats well. Tucker my HUGE golden retriever has adopted her. He licks her after she has eaten and washes her just like her mama would. We will keep her for a few weeks. She is eating every three hours like a real baby( yes, I got up at 3 am to feed her!) and there is no shortage of willing arms to cuddle and hold her. Our biggest problem will be to not get attached. That shouldn't be too hard though. We already have our four dogs and two cats (who have not shown the slightest bit of interest in her). So here is a picture of our little Maisie and one of Tucker too.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Baking, gardening and Scrapping!

I love to bake.. unfortunately I love to taste it too!! I found a wonderful recipe for a carrot cake that is so easy to make and always turns out perfectly. Since I frequently take treats to the teachers at school, they are well acquainted with my baking. I had made this cake for them and a few weeks ago one of the teachers asked me if I would make one for her for this Saturday. She is giving a 50th wedding anniversary party for her parents. She is having everything else catered but asked if I could make her a one of my carrot cakes. and she would pay me.. I told her I would make it for her, no payment necessary. She wouldn't accept it unless she paid me. I made one this morning and it was baked and cooling nicely on the counter.. and DANG!!! I dribbled a tiny drop ofsome tea onto one of the layers (it is three layers). not much, but I didn't want to take a chance, so I ran to the store and bought another can of pineapple and more cream cheese for the frosting.. I frosted it and it is in the fridge. (looks beautiful!) made another and it is cooling.. so now WE have a carrot cake too..will have to take half over to my mom and dad tonight! This is the one for us. The other one is on a nice bakery board and has the nuts around the outside and a dainty little carrot on top!
Here is another little thing I made. I found "naked bird" houses at a local craft store and I just saw the possibilities.. I hadn't seen the new Basic Grey Sugared paper and it is just so cute!! Love those pink flamings.. So I did the little house in that and then did some inking and modge podged it.. Sending it to my sweet sister.. she just moved into a new house. It will look lovely on her patio. I think pink flamingos are so endearing so his weekend DH and I are making several stained glass flamingos on copper rods to put in my garden.. he is getting the pink glass today.. it is so pretty, pale pink with white swirls throughout!!
And finally, I had to post a picture of my gorgeous mint! I planted it from seed and it has gotten so abundant in this pot..We love homemade mint sauce and I also like to make simple syrup and toss some leaves into it. Yummy to sweeten your iced tea!! Now I am off to rearrange my scrapping room!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy, Happy Day

I am feeling pretty happy these days. The weather is just perfect. It is cool out, not too hot yet, the trees all have their leaves, my roses have tons of blooms and we are slowly getting into the "summer" mode of life. William is doing his senior year internship, so he still has to get up early each day, and be at work at 8. Patrick does his sleeping in and while he is doing that I bustle about and get my little housekeeping chores done. By afternoon I am free to do as I please.. Bake, create, or read.. or putter in my garden. Lovely!
Here is one of my creations. Made for a friend who I am so thankful for. I also made her a DVD of our last trip to Disney.. sigh.. I want to go again.. soon!! I just love that place.. but only in the off season.. It just makes me happy to be there. Patrick and I have a giant plastic pepsi bottle that we are slowly filling up with all our extra change and any odd dollars that I find in the laundry (I think whoever does the laundry is entitled to whatever they find there!!). We are planning a trip for early December and I must say that the anticipation is half the fun..
Anyway, this card I made using my new threading water punch, MF papers, flowers, and ginormous rick rack.