Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pretty, Pink Gothic Arch

I am in a Gothic Arch swap in a private group I belong to. This is the arch I received in my mailbox yesterday..from Linda I am just in awe of it!! I love the pink and gray together and the quote so speaks to me.. I am new to arches and am working on my first one now! Hopefully I can post it later today..
It is a crisp fall day here. Rained last night and it is cloudy and windy out now.. The house smells deliciously of a roast cooking.. I also baked some bread this morning. I hear tell that this "No Knead Bread" recipe has been around for at least a few months since it came out in the New York Times.. BUT, it is new to me.. It has to be the easiest bread I have ever made..A rustic bread with a light chewy interior and a crisp crust. Anyone can make this..Trust me!! If you are interested, check out the blog for a tutorial with adorable photos!!

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DymphieM said...

Lucky you :) Linda made a beautiful arch for the swap (she always do lovely work!)